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Switch Off : A Public Intervention

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Going by what Paul Rand says- “The problem of the artist is to make the commonplace uncommonplace” we at The People’s Project have decided to do our bit to emphasize the father-of-all-problems-facing-humanity called Climate Change. And keeping up with the coming Earth Hour, we have decided to do a small public intervention leading up to it.


When objects are taken out of their natural habitat, they are much more noticeable. So we thought…why not take the good old power switches out of their usual sockets and place them where you will definitely not expect them to be. If you find one on your way and are willing to switch it off, we hope you might go back home and do the same, day-by-day, everyday.


We invite artists, activists, enthusiasts, pranksters, photographers and all those who are willing to make this Earth Hour the most successful one ever on world soil. Not just by switching off on 26th, but by spreading awareness with some effective action (and reaction)!



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