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No Strings Attached : A Graphic Kite Festival

Kite-Making has been a popular form of public engagement during the time of the Maharajas, and sadly today, has been reduced to a mere activity usually centered around Independence Day. Kite-Wars, designer kites, etc, are now unheard of.

The People’s Project, in association with Nimbooz, invites artists and design enthusiasts from the city to conjecture Graphic Kites- the first ever of their kind, as illustrating on kite-paper is not an easy task. Our noted kite-maker Umer Daraj will be hosting the workshop, followed by an installation-exhibition of the designed kites, which would be judged by an eminent Jury. The winning kites, would feature in Creative Gaga-the design magazine.

Our Special Feature is a WORLD MUSIC CONCERT by the Tarun Balani Collective. Drummer/Percussionist and Composer Tarun Balani , brings together a collective of artistes/musicians to create a sound palette beyond limitations. An evening of Art and Music — it really can’t get better.





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