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D-Code Green : A Citywide Wordhunt

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DCoding Hauz Khas Village

On occasion of The World Environment Day, we at the People’s Project decided to get people of Delhi hooked onto an observation-based social media game.

We have set up a 5 day long hunt – and believe us, it’s not an ordinary one! This one will get your phone’s heart racing, and you might just be able to catch a glimpse of some traditional arts and crafts.

So what is this hunt about? This Environment Day we all plan to play a game where you complete our words – literally!

Step 1: SPOT IT!

Dilliwalas! It is time to heighten your sense of vision and spot letters around you. So we suggest you keep your eyes wide open.


Step 2: CLICK IT!

So you spot the alphabet and pick up your phone camera and click a picture!


Step 3: SHARE IT!

They say Sharing is Caring… so share that pretty picture with everyone you care about on facebook. Just tag us OR tweet it with #DCodeGreen.

We add your picture to build the word for the day and complete the phrase to spread awareness about the environment.


Step 4: GO BACK TO STEP 1!

We have so many alphabets to capture, so many words to complete and so many days… We better keep spotting, clicking and sharing.


Be a part of the very first Delhi Word Hunt!

Go D-Coding Dilli…Get Set Go!


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