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Wedding Cards for Nandini & Kshitij

    About the Project

    Nandini & Kshitij’s wedding cards were a delight to craft! Their card much like them, was meant to be simple, friendly and celebrate their special day.

    They chose the Patua-Santhal style of art and commissioned the project to Rupsona Chitrakar.


    The Result

    Santhal Wedding Cards

    Santhal Wedding Cards

    We loved the cards. The print, paper, design everything turned out amazingly. It’s been great because people are loving the card – it’s different, it’s vibrant, and for me, I really do connect with it. It was lovely to share the card with not only with people we hoped would come, but also with friends from around the world, whom we wanted to connect with at this time of celebration. I have so many responses from people saying they loved it.

    Nandini Bharadwaj

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