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Green Room Fellowship

Green Room has been a Happy Hands Foundation initiative to facilitate an exchange of the rural and the modern; of the traditional and the contemporary which gives a wider scope to the artisan to think, and gives an exposure to urban-dwellers into the world of crafts. The Fellowship in an opportunity for young creative professionals (and students) to explore ideas and possibilities set alongside the vast craft and art traditions India. The Happy Hands Foundation hosts the fellowship once every two years with a view to foster meaningful collaborations between rural artisans and urban creative minds focused to create impact in a community through a radical approach. The experience enables artisans and fellows to learn from each other, and create innovative, sustainable solutions for crafts and the community.

The previous Fellowship witnessed 7 fellows from diverse cultural backgrounds (US, UK, and India) engage with artisans of Samode, a small village, situated away from the hustle-bustle of Jaipur. Here, they worked on newer designs for Lac Bangles, documented Miniature Art, and worked closely with the potters and leather artisans.

The Green Room Fellowship 2012 was supported by Unbox and British Coucil, and the exhibit went on to be showcased at the Festival of the World, Southbank Center, London during the Olympics.

In 2014-15, Happy Hands will lead an interdisciplinary team to villages in north Karnataka with the goal of enabling an exchange of ideas, thoughts and traditions set to bring about a change in the lives of craftspeople.


Selected Fellows 2015 | Fellowship Outcome



Tanvi Kant

Tanvi Kant

Artist / Jewellery Designer

“Steep learning curve. Helped to build upon previous experiences and has helped form more objectivity in the approach of a project such as this in the future. Extremely valuable experiences gained in terms of how to approach and plane similar projects for potential work in the future.”

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