Youth for Heritage

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The Youth Arts, Community and Transformation fellowship aims to connect the youth with the existing craft traditions of India, where they build a shared understanding, become a part of the process of creation and inspire change in the lives of the artists.

This collaborative programme provides selected fellows the opportunity to travel to craft clusters, be a part of the artists’ daily lives and assist capacity building across disciplines.

Fellowship Applications for 2014 will open during the summers.

Please note, this fellowship is only open to Indian youth between the age group of 17-20.

To read more about the fellowship, click here, or on the tab to your right.

The Youth Heritage Clubs Initiative allows young people to be part of the crafts industry and encourages values of entrepreneurship and leadership. Student Teams from different colleges/universities are expected to choose a craft prevalent in their city/state and revive the same through a single project idea.
Through various youth chapters spread across the country, we not only aim to sensitise young people to the crafts sector, but incubate promising projects and mentor young craft entrepreneurs. To know more about this project, please click here, or on the tab to your right.

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