Handmade Tales

In keeping with Kamala Devi’s vision, and spirit, Handmade Tales is a tribute to the woman who stood for India’s crafts, and culture. Handmade Tales retraces the history of crafts, tribes and in essence, that of India. 
Heritage is the evidence of our history found in the ideas and things we have created, the traditions we keep and the environment we have inherited.The reasons why we are compelled to preserve our heritage are complex but often the value we place on heritage ebbs and flows with the rate of change we are experiencing in our lives. When faced with change, a common response is a desire to commemorate or save whatever we feel we are in danger of losing. This is why history features prominently when we observe an anniversary, celebrate a milestone or reach a goal. Change also becomes apparent as the memory or evidence of a particular generation’s experience begins to disappear. As social, economic and technological orders change, we are moved to retain the elements of the old that will help us to understand the new and our place in it.

Handmade Tales manifests itself in:

❦ Traveling Museum & Workshops

❦ Archiving Intangible Heritage

“While all answers to the manifold queries are not to be found in museums, across the vistas of time one glimpses a variety of materials, processes, embellishments, woven into a common fabric. This is what I feel constitutes a tradition.
Though some of this may fade and decay, a vital part of it lives and constitutes what may be termed the spirit or soul of a people. It is the sustenance from which are born the myriad creative forms on which posterity grows, thrives and burgeons into ever-new revitalized generations. It is this essence that constitutes real museums…

Every item worthy to be displayed has to be alive, vital.

Museums must now serve the general public, Lay open the almost endless landscapes of the entire globe.
As also reflect the close intimate elements that constitute our daily life – And thus become an indispensable part of popular education.
And so museums, naturally, enable people to understand life.”

Kamala Devi Chattopadhyay

Address at the World Crafts Council 1986


The traveling museum through its exhibits, seeks to highlight the historical and narrative significance of craft of an era, tribe/community or geographic region to evoke better heritage and cultural understanding amidst people from varied age groups/ethnicities.

Bring a Museum Exhibit to your community.


In an effort to celebrate our past, and those small tokens of yesteryear’s culture, we invite YOU to be participate in Archiving Intangible Heritage. This project is intended to be an online repository of photographs of craft objects/textiles which talk about India’s history and emerging culture.

Know more on how you can Participate.

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