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Enterprise Support

Happy Hands works closely with CSR divisions of various companies and NGOs which have been working towards women’s welfare or artisan empowerment. For such organisation-based partnerships, our Enterprise Support Program offers four types of support:

a) Long Term (1.5 – 2 years): This includes basic crafts training, design training by junior and senior designers, soft skill workshops, managerial skill workshops, etc. It also helps the producer groups to set up marketing linkages.

b) Short Term (6 months): This includes basic crafts training and design training by a junior designer.

c) Marketing Linkages: This is a standalone program that helps in setting up market linkages for a producer group. This program includes a proposal and catalog preparation and deciding upon a pricing strategy.

d) Workshops (5 to 15 days): The workshops range from basic marketing skills, fundraising/donor management, packaging, branding, soft skills training, book keeping, etc.

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